Monday, October 12, 2009

It says, "Long live Germany" poster # 2

This poster is about how the Germany want to live long because they are all waving their flag and that it want other people to know that they are ready to go into war and get it over with so they can live in peace. I think that it's showing all they people or that they are in the war is trying to send a message out their for people who are willing to go and attack Germany. As long they are going into the war or whoever that they going to go attack with might just lose to them. I think this would be flag waving because of how the picture is and that it seem to be patrioct. What it's trying to point out is that how they are ready to go against whoever is willing but then they know that they will live long cause they are Germany. It seem not to be showing who they are talking too and that they want other people who gonna go to the war to watch out for them.

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